An alternative to the classic surveillance solution is the wireless camera. We have seen an upward trend in this respect and we understand the phenomenon perfectly. When we say that we fully understand the phenomenon, we mean the following: people begin to embrace the idea of monitoring their goods, house, car, etc. And realize that local video surveillance or remote video surveillance is the most handy option.

Utility for indoor wireless camera - LogicalGate IP cctv installation in London

The wireless indoor camera is the choice people often want to supervise their child or have a space where a simple monitoring solution is needed without unsightly cables.Wireless_IP_surveillance_cameras.jpg

Moreover, it is easy to install, inaccurate to use, there is the possibility of communicating from another area with a person near the camera thanks to the audio duplex option and it can also be recorded locally on a memory card (if the model permits).

The benefits do not stop here. A wireless camera, either indoor or outdoor, also has infrared LEDs for night-time monitoring in low light conditions or in the absence of total light. Can be set to record motion detection or send a notification email and above these functions, the camera lens can be rotated horizontally and vertically from the user interface.

However, do not be fooled by their simplicity. There are complex applications made of wireless IP surveillance cameras, so whatever you need, you can rely on such equipment.

People who did not need a recording solution until now often feel discouraged when they find it has come to fix surveillance cameras at home or at the office. We often struggle with the question: "what do you recommend?" Or "what is the best model?".

"Best model" is exclusively established by the location where the wireless camera will be used. Just as people's needs are different when it comes to monitoring, the cameras are designed for certain applications. The IPC304W wireless camera can be accessed from the internet at any time you want using a smartphone, tablet or laptop. It has a pan / tilt function that adjusts the lens angle and has infrared lights for night vision.

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